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We had the privilege of collaborating with Palo Santo, a venture capital fund focused on backing and building emerging psychedelic therapeutics companies. Palo Santo invests in a diverse range of businesses developing innovative psychedelic medicines and therapies targeting for mental health and various central nervous system disorders.


Requirements and objectives for the custom JavaScript website

Palo Santo had specific requirements for their custom JavaScript website. They wanted an engaging, magazine-style platform that highlighted their investment focus on the psychedelic and healthcare industries. They wanted to promote way they invest, showcase their portfolio companies, and provide contact information for potential partners and entrepreneurs. Additionally, they requested a news section to curate content related to their portfolio companies and the broader psychedelic field.

Palo Santo also wanted an admin portal to easily customize and update the website's content.


Approach to design and development process

At first, we have studied Palo Santo's branding, target audience, and desired user experience. We refined the initial design, created in Adobe XD by a magazine designer to meet industry standards and web browser limitations.

We used Agile methodologies, coupled with effective communication through Slack and Google Workspace, ensured smooth progress. Notable challenges included implementing a complex design across various devices, developing a news section, and creating an impressive content management system (CMS) for easy content updates.


Key features and functionalities implemented

The website featured an interactive portfolio section to showcase investments, a news area for curated content, and a contact form for partnership inquiries. Responsive design ensured a seamless user experience across various devices.


Security and privacy considerations

We employed industry-standard security practices to safeguard sensitive data. This included encrypting data transmission with SSL certificates, implementing authentication protocols, regular software updates, and comprehensive security audits. Compliance with data protection regulations was paramount to protecting Palo Santo information.


Integration with third-party platforms and services

Cozy Ventures seamlessly integrated the custom JavaScript website with various third-party platforms and services. A custom content management system (CMS) based on Kaffy boilerplate allowed Palo Santo to easily update and customize website content. Additionally, analytics tools were connected to track website performance and user engagement. Integration with Mailgun facilitated efficient handling of contact form submissions and news subscriptions.


Ensuring compatibility and user experience

Cozy Ventures conducted thorough testing to ensure the website's compatibility across different browsers and devices. Responsive web design principles, including fluid layouts and media queries, were employed to adapt the website's appearance and functionality to different screen sizes. Cross-browser testing and progressive enhancement techniques ensured a seamless user experience.


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