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NDA Project: Collaboration Tool for Enterprises

CategorySaaS, Enterprise, React, Rails
ServiceFrontend, Backend
Year2021 - Ongoing


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This project is an innovative solution for facilitating online working meetings. The client wanted to provide users with a product that enables the creation and management of collaborative meetings, incorporating dynamic forms and seamless integration with popular calendar applications. This case study shows into the challenges Cozy Ventures faced during the project's development and the strategic approaches employed to overcome them.

Main Challenges


Changing Needs and Growth

The project kept changing, which brought big challenges as the needs evolved and the application grew. This meant we had to update parts we had already finished and add new features smoothly.


Development of Dynamic Forms with Surveys

Creating a flexible and easy-to-use form for workshops, online meetings, surveys, classes, and gathering feedback was a big challenge. We had to think carefully about different situations to make sure it was simple and smooth for users.


Integration with Third-Party Calendars

One of the most important requirements of the client was the ability to import events from a wide range of third-party calendars. Achieving this integration while maintaining compatibility with Google, Outlook, and iCloud calendars applications demanded a comprehensive solution.

Strategic Solutionss


Adopting Feature-Sliced Design

To manage the changing needs and scalability of the project, the team chose the Feature Sliced Design architecture. This approach helped in making development more modular and less dependent on interconnected parts, allowing for easier updates to individual components without disrupting the entire application. Regular code reviews also helped maintain high code quality and adherence to best practices.

App Function

Implementing E2E Tests

Cozy Ventures introduced an extensive testing framework to catch errors early and ensure the application was reliable. This included detailed unit tests and end-to-end tests, which checked the functionality of the application as a whole before it went live. This early detection of issues contributed to a stable and reliable user experience.

App Function

Using the Cronofy API

The project utilized the Cronofy API to integrate functionality for importing events from third-party calendars. This API allowed easy connection with several popular calendar applications, enabling users to log in, interact, and sync events smoothly. The use of the Cronofy API increased the application’s compatibility with various calendar systems and improved its overall usefulness.


With strategic planning and careful implementation, Cozy Ventures overcame the development challenges it faced. The Feature-Sliced Design provides the needed flexibility and scalability, allowing easy updates and the addition of new features. Strong testing practices guarantee the stability and reliability of the application, while the Cronofy API enhanced its functionality with broad calendar compatibility. The success of the project demonstrates effective problem-solving and innovation in facilitating online working meetings.


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