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We are a tight-knit, remote team from 6

Countries including UX/UI designers Software engineers Social media expert and a Dedicated manager

Bound by strong teamwork, we utilize our diverse skills to stay ahead in our industry, driven by our mutual passion.

We focus on creativity and excellence in developing new software and keeping up with design trends, always aiming to push boundaries.

The team is the heart and soul

We're all about applying our know-how to real-world problems, giving startups that shot right out the gate.

Our expertise? Well, it's what gets us those early wins.

Bottom line, our company lives for one thing: happy clients and thrilled employees.

A win-win, that's the name of our game!

Denis Rozenkin

What our clients say

Cozy Ventures isn't just about software. It's about building lasting relations with our clients.

Steve Schofield

Steve Schofield

Founder (

“I've been working with Cozy Ventures since 2015, and it's been an incredible journey. Their team doesn't just do the job; they approach projects like seasoned engineers, diving deep into challenges and consistently delivering innovative solutions. Their dedication and technical expertise make them an integral part of my projects. In a world where finding a reliable development team is challenging, Cozy IO Technologies shines as a beacon of excellence. I trust them implicitly with our development needs and look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership. Thank you, Cozy Ventures, for exceeding expectations and making every project a success.”

Aleksei Sokolov

Aleksei Sokolov

Founder (Grid Capital Inc.)

“I am delighted to endorse Cozy Ventures for their outstanding work in developing the backend of Grid Capital platform. Despite being a small team, their expertise in Python and AI integration was truly impressive, offering us diverse solutions for modern GPT problems. Their professionalism was commendable, ensuring clear and thorough documentation throughout the project. Most notably, they transformed our learning platform with an AI chat feature, smoothing the education curve for our users. I wholeheartedly recommend Cozy Ventures as a reliable and innovative partner for any backend development needs.”

Chris Lunney

Chris Lunney

Program Manager, NDA Project

“Working with Cozy Ventures on our projects was seamless. I facilitated product demos and workshops for potential customers, and collected feedback. I shared insights from the demonstrations with the team, and Cozy Ventures took quick action. They swiftly prioritized key issues and valuable enhancements, which led to rapid product updates, significantly boosting the user experience. It's been a joy working with this proactive, customer-focused team, and I'm eagerly anticipating future collaborations.”

Tori Marx

Tori Marx

Founder (Tori Marx Design LLC)

“I hired Cozy Ventures to bring my web design vision to life, and they exceeded my expectations. Their team's dedication and involvement were remarkable. They redesigned and developed the website flawlessly while staying on budget. The team spirit was amazing, and I look forward to future collaborations. Highly recommended!”

Stephen P. Anderson

Stephen P. Anderson

Head of Product, NDA Project

“Working with Vlad and team was a delight! They were responsive to issues as they came up, and the team offered clear explanations whenever there were critical technical decisions to be made. I'd gladly work with them again on future projects.”

Meet the dream team
that's making all this happen

Aleksei Borodin pink avatarAleksei Borodin avatar

Aleksei Borodin

UI/UX Designer

Aleksei Larionov pink avatarAleksei Larionov avatar

Aleksei Larionov

Frontend Engineer

Aleksei Smolyaninov pink avatarAleksei Smolyaninov avatar

Aleksei Smolyaninov

Frontend Engineer

Denis Rozenkin pink avatarDenis Rozenkin avatar

Denis Rozenkin

Founder / Backend Engineer

Rasul Omarov pink avatarRasul Omarov avatar

Rasul Omarov

Frontend Engineer

Sanda Albrecht pink avatarSanda Albrecht avatar

Sanda Albrecht

iOS Developer

Victoria Manukyan pink avatarVictoria Manukyan avatar

Victoria Manukyan

UI/UX Designer

Vladimir Varov pink avatarVladimir Varov avatar

Vladimir Varov


Vladislav Rosenkin pink avatarVladislav Rosenkin avatar

Vladislav Rosenkin

Fullstack Developer

Inna Omarova pink avatarInna Omarova avatar

Inna Omarova

Graphic Designer

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