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HR-Rocket is a smart platform that uses machine learning algorithms to optimize media planning and benchmarking, enabling companies to hire more employees without increasing budgets. The platform is specifically built to address the biggest pain points in HR marketing, taking on the burden of mass recruitment and cost reduction in hiring.

HR-Rocket partnered with Cozy Ventures to address the significant challenge of visualizing and managing complex organizational structures. It required a robust system to visually manage and position elements in a hierarchical structure on a canvas, addressing the challenge of organizing data efficiently and intuitively.

What was the solution?

Cozy Ventures developed a practical tool for HR-Rocket to help them visualize and manage their organizational structure. We created a drag-and-drop interface on a digital canvas, which allows users to position and move elements of the organizational structure as needed. This setup makes it easy to adjust the layout in real time and see the relationships between different roles and departments.

This feature helps in understanding and navigating through the company's structure. It allows HR-Rocket to keep their organizational chart current, while maintaining simplicity in planning and decision-making.



    The introduction of this organizational management tool led to noticeable improvements across several areas:

  1. Enhanced operational transparency: The tool offered a detailed view of the recruitment process, making it easier for the HR team and managers to make informed decisions and plan strategically.
  2. Increased productivity: By automating some of the routine tasks, the HR team could dedicate more time to engaging with candidates and focusing on strategic HR initiatives, leading to better use of their skills and time.
  3. Improved report system: The whole accounting has been improved with the convenient visualization of data.

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