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Audit Overview

Cozy Ventures went on a roll with a structured IT audit for Hyper Ad to address various operational challenges within their advertising technology platform. The audit commenced with detailed planning, focusing on several key areas critical to the platform's success and compliance.

Audit Planning

    The initial phase involved creating a comprehensive audit plan that covered the following categories:

  1. Objectives: Conducted interviews with executives to understand their expectations and clarify the scope of the audit.
  2. Performance: Engaged with the technical team to discuss performance monitoring tools and solutions currently in use.
  3. UX/UI: Evaluated user experience aspects by identifying the audience's pain points and assessing the platform's practicality in meeting user needs.
  4. Code Review: Directly accessed the repository to review the codebase, assessing the practices employed and the quality of coding.
  5. Database: Reviewed backend structures and architectural approaches to evaluate efficiency and scalability.

Audit Execution

Following the planning stage, Cozy Ventures held three one-hour sessions with the executives responsible for different platform aspects. Post these discussions, we conducted independent evaluations of the UI/UX, database, and frontend repository. This comprehensive approach ensured a holistic review of the platform's technical and operational facets.

Rating Scale

    The outcomes were quantified using a color-coded rating scale:

  • Green:  Everything is excellent
  • Blue:  Good, but improvements could be made
  • Yellow:  Acceptable, but needs work to be done
  • Orange:  Needs attention, should be addressed soon
  • Red:  Requires urgent intervention

Audit Report

    The outcomes were quantified using a color-coded rating scale:

  • Team Assessment: Analyzed team dynamics and role effectiveness.
  • Customer Service Process Evaluation: Reviewed the efficiency and responsiveness of customer service operations.
  • Product Safety Evaluation: Assessed the security measures in place to protect data and operations.
  • Technology and Services Evaluation: Evaluated the appropriateness of the current technology stack and third-party services.
  • Repository Documentation Evaluation: Checked the completeness and clarity of the repository documentation.
  • Testing Evaluation: Analyzed the testing strategies and their effectiveness in catching bugs early.
  • Deployment Process Evaluation: Reviewed the deployment strategies and their impact on operations.
  • Code Quality Assessment: Critiqued the code quality, adherence to standards, and maintainability.
  • Management Evaluation: Assessed the effectiveness of project management practices and tools.


Cozy Ventures provided Hyper Ad with an in-depth view of their operational strengths and areas needing improvement. The audit highlighted critical interventions required to enhance system performance, user satisfaction, and overall product quality. The recommendations from this audit are expected to guide Hyper Ad in refining their strategies, optimizing their operations, and maintaining a competitive edge in the AdTech sphere.:

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