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Year2015 - Ongoing


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Initially conceived as a static site hosting platform, Forge has metamorphosed into a comprehensive SaaS solution, pioneering the Extensibility (E11Y) first design philosophy. It empowers technology companies to establish vibrant plugin marketplaces and developer ecosystems seamlessly integrated with their SaaS or eCommerce offerings. Forge is all about accelerating digital experiences to the speed of thought.

Our Contribution

We took on a series of critical tasks aimed at enhancing the way static websites are built and maintained within Forge. Our team developed the backend logic essential for compiling and assembling static websites, integrating seamlessly with the various subsystems that users can install. We have built a solid foundation and made sure that every component functions perfectly together, much like a well-oiled machine.

We also streamlined the website development process by introducing advanced techniques for compilation and minification. This reduced the loading time of websites and optimized the overall performance by stripping unnecessary code without affecting functionality. Moreover, we implemented a robust linting process to maintain high coding standards and ensure error-free, clean code across the application.

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