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Full Cycle Product Development

We establish transparent and well-defined processes for stakeholders and developers. By adopting dev patterns like

(sem-ver) and
as our standard, we ensure precise tracking of even the most minor product changes.

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We develop Progressive Web App (PWA) to boost your online presence. We mix the best of web and app, to create lightning-fast, offline-capable experiences that engage users and boost conversions.


Landing page

Landing page is a shopfront of your brand. We can help you showcase your identity with high-performance website. Along that, we provide CMS to enable direct website updates without extra developer assistance.

Landing page


You aim to create seamless UX and provide a wide range of features, increasing engagement, conversion, and customer retention? We engineer intuitive and scalable applications, both iOS and Android.


Apps with WebRTC & WebSockets

Whether it's live voice, video, or text communication within your App, we can incorporate it and help your business succeed.

Apps with WebRTC & WebSockets

B2B Products

We build solutions that enhance operational efficiency, drive collaboration, and cater to the unique demands of business-to-business interactions.

B2B Products

B2C Products

While focused on the end consumer, we craft products that resonate, ensuring memorable experiences that foster brand loyalty and drive engagement.

B2C Products

From MVPs

to Complex Software Solutions, we got you covered


At Cozy Ventures, we specialize in full-cycle product development, that covers products of any type.

Whether you need a simple static landing page or a complex high-load online service with thousands of users, we have done it before.

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Design thinking & Cutting-edge technologies

We combine design thinking with cutting-edge technologies to help your business grow. Our expertise includes Agile Software Development, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, REST, WebSocket/WebRTC, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Swift, Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Kubernetes/Docker.


We're big believers in the Agile methodology

It allows us to adapt quickly to change and continuously improve our services. We work in sprints, providing tangible progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so you can see consistent results without the need to micromanage.

Keeping an eye on the whole lifecycle

Means we cut down on waste and use resources the best way possible

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We value your time and work async

We value your time and keep things efficient by only scheduling essential meetings, keeping everything else async. Through automation, we streamline communication and problem-solving for faster outcomes.

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We are easy going

We can seamlessly integrate a dedicated development team into your existing processes or work on your product in-house.

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Learn more about how we integrated a dedicated team to Smartcat, AI SaaS platform for translation:


Smartcat is a cloud-based platform that's shaking up how enterprises handle translation and localization. It provides a secure, private workspace for each enterprise to manage and store multilingual content, which serves as a dynamic company-wide library.

Smartcat: AI-powered Translation and Localization SaaS Platform

Ameetee is a white label, plug and play investment marketplace for Financial Institutions aiming to provide their clients with seamless, risk-adjusted access to private market investments.

B2B Tech Platform for Private Investments

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Full Cycle Product Development


Landing Page


App with WebRTC/WebSockets

B2B Products

B2C Products

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